BaySys Technology, a financial services and technology company announced the launch of their billing system for investment advisors, built in partnership with EphronTech, a technology services company. The product named BARS - Billing And Reporting Solution - is a full-featured billing system built on Microsoft Windows platform. BARS fills the need for a reasonably priced billing system that delivers the functionality and features of systems that are significantly more costly.

"We developed BARS to be a stand-alone application that performs industry standard billing processes and produces professional, easy to read billing statements that will work with any portfolio management system in the market" says Larry Baker, Principal of BaySys Technology. "Billing complements our outsourcing offering also - it's an added service that we can now provide to our clients that are using BaySys Technology to reconcile their accounts."

"We selected the .NET framework with SQL Server as the backend for BARS because of the flexibility it provides for developing a standalone product while supporting upstream integration from multiple portfolio management systems as well as facilitating downstream integration to make other systems that need the processed billing data" explains Anton Prakash, CEO of EphronTech. "Our partnership makes it easier to continue to enhance BARS to meet every single billing feature need of the industry while providing excellent customer support to the existing customer base" adds Mr.Baker.

BARS gives the advisors the ability to run a number of internal management reports that will enable them to see how much revenue has been generated by any subset of their accounts over any period of time, and to look at the status of an account - whether active or inactive. Advisors can choose which accounts appear on a statement for a family, and which account is responsible for paying the fee. The application makes it easy to integrate with custodian systems.

About BaySys

BaySys Technology, LLC is an outsourcing, consulting, services and development firm that provides products and services to the investment advisory community since 1995.

About Hexaview Technologies

Hexaview is a top notch technology provider to startups, mobile organizations & wealth management firms across the globe. BaySys has partnered with Hexaview to provide the technical infrastructure and the development of the BARS billing application.

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