BARS (Billing And Reporting Solution) is a software application developed by BaySys that streamlines the complicated billing process and enables investment managers to produce billing statements for accounts and households quickly and accurately. BARS can be integrated with most any portfolio management system.

Key features of BARS include:

Flexible Billing Schemes

  • Create unlimited billing schemes based on billing tiers or flat fees.
  • Optionally define minimum fees or discounts. Discounts can be defined for a date range.
  • Exclude non-billable assets at the individual security or security type level for accounts, groups or globally.
  • Calculate fees forward or in arrears.
  • Pro-rate fees for partial periods.
  • Track fees paid by check or deducted from accounts.
  • Create any number of duplicate statements that can be sent to interested parties or any other third party that needs a copy of a statement.

Group Billing

  • Easily assign accounts to groups to calculate fees based on aggregate market values.
  • Allow an account to pay the fees of other accounts in the group.
  • Ability to define which accounts will appear on a statement for a household. For example, produce one statement for the head of household with details for all family accounts and individual statements for the children with only their accounts.

Management Reporting

  • Produce management reports showing how much revenue has been generated for accounts/households over time.
  • Track payments to financial reps over time.
  • Generate exception reports, such as accounts paying the minimum fee and accounts that do not have enough cash in the account to pay the fee

Integration with outside systems

  • Create upload files for your custodian with fee amounts to be deducted from accounts.
  • Output billing statements in Adobe PDF format to upload to outside reporting systems.
  • Import and Export account billing information to synchronize data with your portfolio management, CRM or other systems.
Client Quotes
  • “BARS handles all of our billing requirements quickly and efficiently.”

    Jim Gephardt, Principal
    Gephardt Group