BaySys Technology resources have extensive experience in portfolio management software, consulting and product development. In addition to our Libra outsourcing service and BARS billing application, we also provide our consulting and development services on a project basis to meet your specific needs so that you can maximize the investment in your systems. If you have a project you would like to discuss, please go to the “Contact” page and complete the short form so that we can discuss your requirements further.

These are some examples of the projects that BaySys Technology can perform for you.

Automate Portfolio Management System Tasks

Before you consider hiring additional operations staff you should explore what functions can be automated and streamlined, enabling your existing staff to be more productive. BaySys can work with you to analyze your daily and period-end processes and determine and implement the specific areas that can be automated. Some examples include:

  • Add new accounts – Read custodian files and add accounts and groups.
  • Daily transactions – Download, translate and post daily transactions.
  • Daily Reconciliation – Run reconciliation program in your portfolio management system.
  • Period-end processing – Security descriptions and prices; process dividends, bond maturities option expirations.
  • Update performance and benchmarks
  • Internal and External Reports and Report Packages

Advent Custom Reporting

BaySys Technology resources have extensive experience writing custom reports using Advent’s proprietary Report Language and can create reports to your specifications to enhance your internal and external report offerings. We can also create complex Advent compound report macros that place standard or custom reports in frames within windows.

Data Conversion

There are many complexities to consider when converting or merging portfolio accounting data. BaySys Technology can provide the technical resources and project management to assist in your conversion from one portfolio management system to another or merge data from another firm with your own if you acquire a new line of business.

Custom Development

Through our partnership with Hexaview Technologies, we can work with your firm to create customized solutions to get data in or out of your Portfolio Management System. Examples of the types of 3rd party systems we’ve created solutions for include:

  • Security data analytics providers
  • CRM
  • Trading systems
Client Quotes
  • “The way our quarterly report process has been automated has given me my sanity back! Our office has nothing but good things to say about your work.“

    Anne Young
    Waycross Investment Management Company
  • “BaySys Technology’s expertise with the Advent Axys system and performance measurement greatly facilitated the testing and implementation of a key piece of WealthSight’s custom billing and fee reallocation functionality. Their efforts to satisfy our common client have made for a great partnership.“

    Russell Burns, Co-Founder & CEO
  • “BaySys provides the highest level of support for our investment management operations. They recently helped create custom reports and procedures to ensure accurate filing of our 13F reports.“

    Danielle Vinje
    San Francisco Sentry
  • “The experts at BaySys created a professional looking report package that helps us better serve our clients. We never could have created a report package with cover page, reports with multiple color graphs and a personalized disclosure page on our own.“

    Jim Gebhardt, Principal
    Gephardt Group
  • “We recently purchased another line of business that was also using Advent Axys. BaySys managed the project and handled the complex implementation of merging the two different system configurations. We never could have done it without them.“

    Julie Meissner, Chief Compliance Officer
    San Francisco Sentry