Rebalancing Utility

The Rebalancing Utility takes your positions from Axys® / APX®, and allows you to rebalance accounts in a much more effective way than simply running a “Buy Allocation” or “Model Portfolio” report. The problem with these Axys® / APX® reports is that they are static reports, and they do not allow you to tweak the quantities or market values. The BaySys rebalance utility is an easy to use program that can:

  • Create trade tickets for printing / emailing
  • Creates a log of all rebalancing activity
  • Allows you to choose to rebalance based on shares / quantity, or percent of accounts
  • Allows you to do a global “sell all” to reduce a position to 0

Contact BaySys to find out additional information on how your firm can benefit from our Rebalancing Utility.