Are you satisfied with the timeliness of your quarterly reporting?

Have you experienced any turnover in your operations department, or do you anticipate having to make changes due to growth, either organically or by acquiring another firm?

BaySys can help by cutting costs in operations. We provide outsourcing services, which enable you to re-deploy your current staff to other more client-service focused areas.

Let BaySys handle the drudgery of reconciliation and optimizing your use of your Portfolio Management System.

Back Office Operations Staff LOVE working with BaySys, because we enable them to get “out of the weeds” and really add value to a firm’s bottom line.

The Front Office benefits from having an expert firm that has worked with hundreds of advisory firms over 30 years, and can be your Trusted Advisor. We act as a partner to our clients, advising them not just on their Portfolio Management Operations, but as a resource with deep industry expertise and global connections with ancillary firms. If there is an area that we are not experts in, odds are that we are affiliated with a firm that is – BaySys works with numerous partners that cover many different areas:



Cloud Services

Trading & Rebalancing

GIPS Compliance

Some of the functions BaySys can provide are:
  • Gather/Collect and analyze data from multiple custodians/banks/other sources.
  • Process and Reconcile Data.
  • Set up new accounts, define new securities.
  • Ensure all securities are priced.
  • Research and process corporate actions as soon as they are available.
  • Calculate and validate performance returns.
  • Run Quality Assurance reports and distribute them to you and your staff.
  • Enable you to generate and review reports prior to the market opening or before the trading day begins.

We are experts in Data and Reconciliation, and work with many clients. Your firm gets the benefit of scale – that re-org that is taking you hours to reconcile? We’ve already seen it with 10 other clients and know how to handle it. Are you spending time making manual adjustments to transactions from your custodian because you want things to be posted in a specific way? We can identify the issue electronically, by using our rules-based utility programs, and make adjustments and corrections automatically.